Our Top Five Halls Gap Walks

The amazing walking tracks and trails of Halls Gap are undeniably the main highlights of the saw-toothed Grampians mountain range. There are so many popular tracks within Grampians National Park crossing the beautiful forests, mountain streams, and spectacular waterfalls, so get ready to grab your detailed map, hiking footwear, plenty of water and warm clothing if you’re seeking adrenaline within the Grampians. Let us take you on some amazing day walks spreading out to the corners of the park.

The Pinnacle

Distance: 4.2km

Time: 4 hours

The pinnacle walk begins from the high point on the Wonderland Range. You start by crossing the Stony Creek, swinging left to enter the gorge of Grand Canyon. As you pace forward, you see an excellent mixture of views, and interesting geological formations; some cliffs rising 20 metres on either side of the track. Once you exit the Silent Street, a 30 metres long and 10 metres deep crevasse, you continue up the gully for about 20 metres before taking a sharp left turn. Keep following the painted arrows and you’ll reach the Pinnacle, which gives commanding views over the Fyans Valley and Halls Gap below.

Chatauqua Peak and Clematis Falls

Distance: 5.6km

Time: 2.5 hours

Starting from the northern end of Halls Gap Caravan Park, enter into the botanical gardens. Keep following the arrows towards the Bullaces Glen and Chatauqua Peak. As you move from the stringybark forest towards the Mt Victory Road, take a left turn that leads to Bullaces Glen, an open ferny meadow. Then you pass a short waterfall and follow the ridge crest for 400 metres to the peak, which offers exemplary views over Halls Gap and towards the Mt Gar Range.

The Balconies

Distance: 2km

Time: 45 minutes

One of the most popular walks in the Grampians is the hike towards the Balconies. It is not too difficult to reach there but it definitely leads to some outstanding views, especially later in the day when the sun paints the cliffs a glowing orange. Starting from the famous Reeds Lookout which provides grand views over the entire southern portion of the Grampians, move towards the east through open heathland with impressive views north to Lake Wartook and the Mt Gar Range. The track goes through forest and then swings south to emerge at a hill edge, 20 metres away from the Balconies.

Mount Rosea

Distance: 9.4km

Time: 4.5 hours

Mount Rosea is the highest peak near Halls Gap and it is truly a site worth visiting within the rugged Grampians scenery. You begin by climbing through the stringybark forest before reaching the exposed rocky areas. As you turn right, start moving on the path that hits the cliff rim. Watch for rock cairns and follow the painted arrows to reach the beautiful Mount Rosea.

MacKenzie Falls

Distance: 2km

Time: 1.5 hours

Start with following the signs to the falls from the kiosk. After 100 metres you can take a short detour to the beautiful Broken Falls or continue walking on the main track. As you pass over the MacKenzie River Gorge, you seeing the top of MacKenzie Falls, where several small cascades create a playful blend. This is followed by rocky steps that lead to the base of the falls and plunge 40 metres over black basalt.

There are many other walks, drives and lookouts that should also be included on your itinerary. We recommend that you call into the local visitors centre or the National Park office and chat to the local staff.